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I remember the satisfaction of saving my pocket money and buying a pack of the latest movie trading cards, which invariably came in wax packs, with a stick of gum. Got ... got ... need! is a website dedicated to that nostalgia - here you will find wax packs of the best non-sport trading cards to purchase, as well as single cards for those 'swapsies' moments!

Initial cards and packs for sale include some 70's and 80's favourites - Star Wars, Superman, Indiana Jones, Battlestar Galactica and a few of my own favourites, including Mad Magazine cards.

These wax packs should be in a museum of contemporary culture, but instead they can grace your home ... go on, indulge those memories of youth, and get trading!








Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull Trading Cards

25/05/2008 23:47
With the new Indiana Jones film release, start collecting the new Topps trading cards, which can be purchased from the Indiana Jones store in our Products section!

Trading cards on Wikipedia

25/04/2008 17:36
Read about the history of non-sport trading cards on Wikipedia ...

Coming soon ...

25/04/2008 00:00
Indiana Jones Heritage card packs will shortly be available on this website, on the Indiana Jones page ...    

Website launched

07/03/2008 16:43
Got ... got ... need! has been launched today! Trading cards hold very special memories for many people, particularly when they were packaged in wax wrappers, with a stick of gum - which was usually pretty inedible! This website celebrates those wax packets, and provides a convenient and...

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