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Planet of The Apes

Rocky Horror Picture Show

Six Million Dollor Man

Black Hole

Close Encounters of the Third Kind

Star Trek (1976)

Evel Knievel

You'll Die Laughing

Mars Attacks


Space 1999 (Donruss 1976)


 Gallery of Space 1999 Trading Cards (at Bubblegum Cards.com)



Price per unopened pack: £4





Alien Movie Trading Cards 1979


Gallery of Alien Movie Trading Cards (at Bubblegum Cards.com) 




Price per unopened pack: £3





The Very Best of Stingray Trading Cards


 Price per unopened pack: £1





True Crime Trading Cards (Eclipse Enterprises 1992)




Price per unopened pack: £2






Fright Flicks (Topps 1984)


Price per unopened wax pack: £2






Freddie Kruger




Fright Night










Gremlins (Topps 1984)



Price per unopened wax pack: £2




Batman Movie (Topps 1989) 2nd Series


Price per unopened wax pack: £1


Batman and Joker







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